• Keito Blow

  • Under the sun

    Under the sun

    何かがいつもmess me upふさぎこむようなcruel thingsalways around me振り返りたくもない夢ん中でもknockされるようなaround youwe have put it far away in each casecause we know that there's a brand ne...
  • Blow your mind

    Blow your mind

    don't you believe that's coming sooncan't you believe that something changesI know you've been waiting for so longthe wave you've never seen beforeyou gotta get...
  • Superhero


    曖昧なanswer like sigh 途切れるcatch ball 惰性なchewing gum断片な夢もso close 遠ざかるpin ball 夢幻のcandy popさびたアンテナcan't get anything さびたred hair oh no no no埃まみれのfigure supermanまなざ...
  • Don't be a good boy

    Don't be a good boy

    Chapter1 listen. know what you wanna do nowgo deep inside yourselfChapter2 rerax. and just set yourself freeyou don't have to think about othersChapter3 is to h...
  • Leggy girl

    Leggy girl

    tie-dyeなsky high たわむれにほどけるcloud it's not so farhi-fiなimagery 冴え冴えに解き放つin the sunlight曖昧さない想い ひるがえるskirt舞い上がるsand and heart,emotion爽快なnorth wind 描くgliderはじけるままのf...